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Steven C. Holman

Steven C. Holman is a licensed attorney with over twenty years of experience. He comes from a family of estate planning attorneys who have practiced for over 40 years. Steven received his law degree from Whittier Law School and an LLM in Taxation with a Certificate in Estate Planning from Boston University. He received an undergraduate degree in Economics from Willamette University.

Before practicing as an estate planning attorney, Steven had worked in-house at a real estate development firm in Southern California and for a number of federal agencies.

Steven is licensed to practice in Texas and California.  He lives in Dallas with his wife, Mackenna, and their family.



    Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation with a Certificate in Estate Planning


    Juris Doctor


    Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bar Admissions

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It’s important to us that you find an attorney that represents your individual goals in retirement and desires for the future of your assets and estate.

Our office is located in north Dallas, TX, with clients across the State of Texas. Clients can access our services via in-person meetings or virtually online.

I love helping clients create a legacy that they can pass down to loved ones, family, and future generations.

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We consider your individual and family needs with respect and a personal yet professional approach.

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You can contact us via phone or fill out the form on our website. Our office will send you an intake form that will help you discover the important factors of planning. After receiving the form we will contact you to set up a meeting with Steven C. Holman.

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Option to meet virtually or at our Dallas office. At the consultation, we'll go over the information you've provided in the intake form. We'll ask you follow-up questions, answer your questions, and go over the options that will best meet your needs.

Continuing as a Client

Ready to move forward with us? We'll send an engagement letter for you to review and sign. As your attorney, we will regularly inform you of the progress of your matter. Likewise, we ask that you keep us up to date on any new information or facts that come up.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQ’s will help you make the most out of your free case evaluation with one of our attorneys

Estate planning, the probate process, and long-term care are difficult topics to tackle on your own. Allow us to help guide you and make it something more manageable. 

The simple answer is that you will be making decisions for yourself for a time in the future when you are unable to make them (either at incapacity or death).  

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you trust that other people will know how you want your affairs handled?
  • Can you guarantee those people will be ready, willing and able at the time you will need their assistance?
  • Are you comfortable with the State of Texas coming up with solutions if problems or unforeseen circumstances arise?
  • Are you responsible for others?
  • Who would take care of them if you are not capable or not around?
    Learn more about Holman Law’s Estate Planning services

We will spend this first meeting getting to know you and your situation. We want to make sure that we thoroughly understand your goals and concerns. At this meeting, we will offer options and solutions for you to consider. At the end of this meeting you will have a clearer picture of your options and can decide to engage our services.

It is not necessary to bring all your existing documents with you at this meeting, but you are certainly welcome to bring documents you want to discuss specifically.

Here are some of the questions that we will ask during our initial consultation:

1. Who do you want to make decisions for you if your are ever incapacitated?  Any back-ups in case that person is unavailable?

2. Have you been planning for retirement?  Have you factored in the cost of long-term care if you or your spouse is diagnosed with a progressive condition (Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc?).  Do you want to know about steps to protect your retirement assets?

3. Do you have young children?  Have you setup a guardianship designation for them?  Who would manage your assets for them until they are old enough?

4. Do you have older parents?  Are you taking care of them now or is it foreseeable that you may have to step-in at some point?  Have you talked about this scenario with them?

5. How important is it to you to make things easy for your family when you pass away?

The time in which it takes to create an estate plan is dependent on developing the plan.  Our firm provides you with the information, consultation, and guidance to put together a plan that meets your wishes, solves your challenges, and helps you reach your goals. 

Sometimes the plan is clear and can be executed quickly. Other times careful contemplation is needed to address certain questions. Either way, we are here as your trusted advisor.

Our fees vary depending on the plan we are creating for you.  In most cases, we quote flat fee prices so you know exactly the cost of the work we will perform for you.  This also allows us to communicate as often as necessary, so we create the plan exactly as you want without worry of racking up a large legal bill.

Our fees are quoted to you before you engage in our services and often times there’s more than one option to choose from.

5-Star Reviews For Estate Planning Services

We are here to serve you the best estate planning and probate lawyer services in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Steven Holman is a lawyer you want by your side. I used his services for power of attorney reasons, and I am thankful that it was him that guided and educated me through the process. Steven will answer all of your questions, understand your situation, and help you every step of the way. I will give him my future business for sure. Compared to other lawyers, Steven is one you want to call and have the confidence to do so. 5+ stars for sure.
Ricardo Sanchez
These folks were simply fantastic in preparation of my Will.
Rick Hodes
Very patient, friendly and informative. Great firm.
Stephanie Birch
An immense help in navigating estate planning!
Zac Malone
Absolutely experts in estate planning. Thanks for being so patient with us and answering all of our questions!
John Ross
Mr. Holman and his staff provided exceptional care, direction, and help. Wonderful office to deal with!
David Sinagub
Steven was incredibly helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend his services.
Brian Ashcraft

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We like to inform you of important topics, relevant news, and new changes to estate laws in the State of Texas.

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