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What Assets Can Go Into a Revocable Living Trust?

Many people think they should create a trust, but they don’t quite understand how it might benefit them. A revocable trust can both mitigate your tax burden and help beneficiaries avoid long and costly probate processes. Before you start a trust, though, you must ensure it will work for your goals. If you don’t, you may be wasting time and money and create a big mess for your family. 

Video: Elder Law with the Manchester Living Podcast

The Manchester Living Podcast’s Brian Levy recently hosted Jeff Kort, a Dallas-area financial advisor, and myself, Steve Holman, to discuss the ins and outs of elder law. You can watch the video right here, or look below for 5 important takeaways from our conversation.

probate on a home, a family's most valuable asset

How to Keep a House Out of Probate—Or Make The Process Easier

Failing to plan ahead can tie up your real estate in a lengthy probate process. The main issues that come up are the various delays and expenses that impact beneficiaries. Learn how to transfer a house or property without the costs of probate and how to make the probate process easier if a loved one is already deceased.

power of attorney document for medical directives

5 Reasons and 5 Steps To Establish Medical Power of Attorney Today

5 Steps to Take to Set Up Health Care Documents, Including a Medical Power of Attorney, in Dallas, TX:
1. Identify trusted individuals as a power of attorney
2. Discuss your plan with those individuals
3. Find an elder law attorney who is licensed in the state of Texas.
4. Sign and deliver your medical directives
5. Stop worrying and live your life

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