An Essential Estate Planning Guide

Learn how to plan for future financial needs and health concerns

As you age, your financial needs and health concerns naturally evolve. Estate planning allows you age comfortably by addressing changes and challenges head-on. To help you get started, Holman Law has created two ebooks on estate planning. 

Written with families in mind, our estate planning guides can help you on the journey ahead.

Learn The Basics of Estate Planning

This guide was written to help seniors and their families learn the basics of estate planning. Whether you are getting started years in advance or filing last-minute paperwork, this ebook will explain how to:

  • plan for personal incapacitation or the loss of decision-making abilities.
  • avoid probate and other challenges in estate administration.
  • prepare for long-term care, both financially and emotionally.

“If you’ve been conducting estate planning research online, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed. This book will introduce you to concepts that will help you make informed decisions, not only for legal documents but for the other decisions in front of you.”

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A Family’s Guide to Estate Planning, Administration, and Long-Term Care

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About the Author

Steven C. Holman is a law professional with more than 10 years of experience working at the intersection of estate planning and eldercare. As an elder law attorney, he brings three core values—empathy, understanding, and diligence—to every client meeting. Steven lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and three children.

If you are currently living in Texas or California...

We Can Help You With Your Future Plans

If you want to simplify the process of preparing for the future or if you have any questions about creating financial and medical directives, the Law Offices of Steven C. Holman are here to help. We specialize in elder care and estate planning for families residing in Texas and California. Contact Holman Law today and schedule a free consultation.

 by Jo Ann S. on Holman Law
I'm recommending him to all my friends

Steve presented at Allen's senior center. He did a great job of communicating so effectively on a sensitive topic. He listened intently to all question and showed a sincere care for each attendee. I'm recommending him to all my friends who have estate planning or will needs.

 by anonymous on Holman Law
Living Trust Prep

Atty. Holman was very thorough and answered all of our questions promptly. Most of the questions were via email, but he also spent time on the phone for the initial consultation, discussing our needs and reviewing documents after they were prepared. We never felt rushed or pressured. My wife and I felt completely comfortable and confident in his handling of our affairs. We highly recommend him !!

 by Julia B. on Holman Law
Professionalism and care are outstanding

Steve's level of professionalism and care is outstanding. Steve has participated in numerous community events and each time, he blesses his audience.

 by Miroslav (Mick) on Holman Law
Financial Consultant

Steve Holman did an outstanding job explaining complex estate matters to me and my 91 year old mother. He also helped us think through some sensitive non-legal, non-financial "elder matters" (like planning for a dignified exit and making sure her wishes were clear and codified). He is bright, energetic and has the perfect demeanor for constructively interacting with older folks. Hire him!

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