Elder Care Planning & Family Meetings


Yes, there are numerous barriers, real and imagined. Where family members reside, current health challenges, financial struggles, fears, the families history of communication, taboos… the list goes on and we get it. Without a doubt though, bringing your family and caregivers together to discuss a loved one’s care requirements and available resources is a crucial step in elder care planning and family stability.


There may be specific challenges to discuss, information to share or brainstorming to conduct. It’s important to lay a foundation for elder and estate planning and then wisely build a tradition upon it. Be the change you wish families that have gone before you would have embraced. Most of us have met someone that wished their family had an openly discussed estate plan in place.

Feelings are also a powerful motivator for such meetings. Family members and caregivers often have questions, fears of the unknown and a desire to connect with the ones they love the most. The responsibilities surrounding elder and estate planning are serious ones but openly discussed and lovely executed this planning can unlock family intimacy like nothing else.

Family roles and responsibilities are certainly influenced by our birth order, culture and gender but a hands-off approach doesn’t work! Often people transfer assets too late and fail to communicate their wishes; leaving a bewildered family or the government to make some of life’s most important and intimate decisions.

We know this is never easy but let the necessity drive you. Holding a family meeting is almost always going to improve the situation, if it’s well planned, well attended, and conducted in love and honesty.

We’re here to help. Contact Holman Law to schedule your complimentary evaluation. You don’t have to do this alone.

Steven Holman
founding attorney
at Holman Law

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