Estate Administration & Representation

Estate Administration

in accordance with the estate plan or rules under Texas law

Estate Administration is the process of inventorying assets, providing notice of the administration to all interested parties – including creditors, and ultimately the distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Whether an estate plan has been created or not, the estate of a deceased individual will need to be managed and closed out.

Generally, estate administration includes four steps:

Step 1

Taking an inventory of all assets

Step 2

Giving notice to all beneficiaries and creditors

Step 3

Paying the debts of the estate

Step 4

Making distributions to the beneficiaries

Who we represent in the estate administration process

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An Essential Guide to Estate Planning, Administration, and Long-Term Care

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 by Patice A. Smith on Holman Law
Holman Law: Steven Holman is an attorney with integrity.

He helped me, to feel confident and at peace, in his ability to assist me in all my legal matters and request. I had confidences and peace, that I ,would be serviced in an excellent professional manner.

This was my first time using attorney Holman and it won't, be my last!

Thank you Patrice. It was a pleasure working for you.

 by Rick Hodes on Holman Law

These folks were simply fantastic in preparation of my Will.

Thank you, Rick!

 by Marianne Baricelli on Holman Law
Steve Holman and his team took care of all of our estate planning needs

The entire process was quick, easy and quite reasonable. Thanks, Steve!

 by Dan Baricelli on Holman Law
It was a pleasure doing business with Steve Holman

It was a pleasure doing business with Steve Holman and his associates while preparing our family will and trust funds. The process was seamless and all of our options were presented clearly. The whole office environment and personnel were efficient and professional!

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