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Q: What should I expect at our first meeting?

A: We will spend this first meeting getting to know you and your situation.  We want to make sure that we thoroughly understand your goals and concerns.  At this meeting, we will offer options and solutions for you to consider.  At the end of this meeting you will have a clearer picture of your options and can decide to engage our services.  It is not necessary to bring all your existing documents with you at this meeting, but you are certainly welcome to bring documents you want to discuss specifically.  

Q: How long is this estate planning process going to take?

A: The time in which it takes to create an estate plan is dependent on developing the plan.  Our firm provides you with the information, consultation, and guidance to put together a plan that meets your wishes, solves your challenges, and helps you reach your goals.  Sometimes the plan is clear and can be executed quickly. Other times careful contemplation is needed to address certain questions. Either way, we are here as your trusted advisor.

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What is a letter of testamentary—and how do I obtain one?

At Holman Law, we understand that sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. What if there is no will? What if you need access to funds immediately? We can help you address these issues as soon as possible so you can carry out your responsibilities to the estate to best of your abilities. Get in touch right now to schedule a consultation.

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What Assets Can Go Into a Revocable Living Trust?

Many people think they should create a trust, but they don’t quite understand how it might benefit them. A revocable trust can both mitigate your tax burden and help beneficiaries avoid long and costly probate processes. Before you start a trust, though, you must ensure it will work for your goals. If you don’t, you may be wasting time and money and create a big mess for your family. 

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How To Become A Texas Resident

  Establishing Legal Residency Is Important And Easy Living in Texas without establishing residency can cost you voting rights, tax advantages, state-specific benefits, and create problems for your estate. It may be taking money from your pocket and the pockets of your heirs. The good news is that establishing legal residency is easy! Read on…

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