The Estate Planner’s Gift Giving Guide

Now that the excitement (or relief) of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, etc have passed, I thought it would be a good time to share a gift giving guide from an Estate Planning/Elder Law perspective.  Not sure that I have a gimmicky name for this yet, but maybe next year.  Many of these suggestions come from you, my clients. Thank you for sharing.

Apple Watch 4 – with new potential life saving features

Click here for Apple Watch. The key new features with this version of the Apple Watch include a fall detection and emergency SOS.  It also has a heart detection feature that monitors for concerning heart rate changes.  Like older versions, the watch can take calls, check messages, and of course, give the time.  This can be a great substitute for a bulky phone that you have to remember to bring with you everywhere.  Be sure to get the watch that supports phone-free and cellular use.

Bubbl – Local Ride Hailing Service Operated by off-duty and retired Police Officers

Click here for Bubbl.  A local ride-hailing company, Bubbl offers features that address some concerns of Uber and Lyft.  In addition to being police officers, drivers are employees of the company.  There is an escort service to ensure the passenger can make it from the house down to the car and vice versa.  This means out of the car, on the sidewalk, up the cobblestone steps, up to the porch and inside the house.  Accounts can be setup for spouses or adult children to receive alerts when the driver has arrived, passenger is picked-up, dropped-off, and ride complete.

Grandpad – the tablet – simplified

Click here for Grandpad.  Allows grandparents and those not technically inclined to connect with friends and family who live through their phones.  Easy to use email, video and voice chat, camera, picture sharing and games.  Includes private family network for picture and video sharing.  A great and safe alternative to traditional social media.

Life Insurance for Children and Grandchildren – a legacy that can impact many generations of your family.

Click here for Gifting Life Insurance  The unique benefits are too many to name, but here are the highlights: Insuring a child or grandchild protect against future health issues that would prevent insurability.  Insurance proceeds can be used for various life events including college, down payment, even paying for long term care.  Imagine the value of a 60-year-old policy to be used to cover long term care expenses.  Numerous creditor protection and tax benefits as well.

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