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Our top-rated attorneys provide in-person and virtual estate planning legal services to clients located in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area.

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An Essential Guide to Estate Planning, Administration, and Long-Term Care

As your life evolves, your financial needs and health concerns will naturally evolve also. Estate planning allows you to age comfortably by addressing known changes and unknown challenges head-on. That's why Holman Law has created an estate planning ebook to help you get started. 

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Texas and the communities of Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

Holman Law LLP is an estate planning law firm in Dallas, TX specializing in probate, revocable trusts, and business legal services for its clients. We also represent individuals who seek long-term care planning; especially families whose spouses and adult children are faced with an immediate, custodial-care situation.

Estate Planning

We take a comprehensive approach to creating your estate plan based on your individual and family needs.


We specialize in drafting documents that meet your current goals as well as contemplate your future plans so your trust can support you and your family over your lifetime and theirs.


If you need representation in probate court, advice about how to obtain Letters Testamentary,, or would like to avoid probate court completely, we can help!

Long-Term Care Planning

Be prepared for the unexpected by having your medical power of attorney, healthcare directives, and eldercare options in place.

Last Will & Testament

Simplify probate, avoid family strife, and create peace of mind with a thoughtfully drafted document.

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Contacting the firm is free. The care of you and your family situation is of the utmost importance and strictest confidence. Planning for the unexpected can seem unsettling. It is our goal to put you at ease.

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Empathy, Diligence, Understanding

Assisting individuals and families who wish to plan in advance or who must respond to an unexpected life event.
Elder Law Experts

Our law firm offers insights and services in estate planning, including power of attorney, wills, trusts, and long-term care.

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Find answers to your questions about planning for the future; for your loved ones, your estate, and/or help in a crisis situation.

Located in Dallas, Texas

Office located in Dallas, Texas. Licensed in both California and Texas. Meetings are available at the office, via phone, or video conference.

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Read our blog for legal tips and news to keep you informed of the latest changes to Texas state laws affecting estate owners, their families, and elder care matters.

What is a letter of testamentary—and how do I obtain one?

What is a letter of testamentary—and how do I obtain one?

At Holman Law, we understand that sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. What if there is no will? What if you need access to funds immediately? We can

What Assets Can Go Into a Revocable Living Trust?

What Assets Can Go Into a Revocable Living Trust?

Many people think they should create a trust, but they don’t quite understand how it might benefit them. A revocable trust can both mitigate your tax burden and help beneficiaries

Video: Elder Law with the Manchester Living Podcast

Video: Elder Law with the Manchester Living Podcast

The Manchester Living Podcast’s Brian Levy recently hosted Jeff Kort, a Dallas-area financial advisor, and myself, Steve Holman, to discuss the ins and outs of elder law. You can watch

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